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Welcome to
Alicia Lipfiller Academy

Alicia Lip Filler Academy is a premiere aesthetics and beauty clinic
based in Blanchardstown, we changing our clients lives by enhancing
their inner beauty through beauty treatments and aesthetics treatments.



Dermal fillers 
Vampire lifiting    
PDO threads



Semi-permanent make up
Plasma pen

 PMU/Tattoo Laser removal


Lip augmentation
Baby Doll Lips

Baby Doll Lips are all the rave and for very good reasons. This new and trendy lip filling technique not only does it allow the use of lip fillers to augment the volume of the lips but also to reshape them. Now it’s easier than ever to have more symmetrical lips with the right volume and attractiveness just like the baby dolls we all admire. Alicia has mastered the Baby Doll Lips technique and Alicia Lipfiller Academy is one of the first to offer this treatment in Ireland.


Alicia LipFiller

In her journey to empower women’s entrepreneurship, Alicia didn’t stop at becoming a master of beauty procedures and techniques, she made it her mission to share her knowledge through a carefully designed training course focused on beauty and cosmetic procedures; the inclusion of the word Academy in Alicia’s beauty clinic is not for nothing. And her own Oliwia is a testament to the success of Alicia’s Academy programme. If you’re interested in exploring a career path in beauty and aesthetic medicine and looking for a place to start, Alicia Lipfiller Academy is your best option in Ireland.



The signs of skin aging that manifest themselves with the loss of volume, appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, expression lines, etc. can disappear today thanks to fillers such as hyaluronic acid, one of the star ingredients applied in aesthetic medicine treatments and especially in facial rejuvenation.T

At Alicia Lipfiler Academy, Alicia and her daughter Oliwia offer a wide variety of beauty treatments such as dermal fillers,  PDO threads, semi-permanent makeup, mesotherapy and plasma pen.



Absolutely love going to Alicia! She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed, can’t recommend her enough and the results are absolutely amazing!! The best in the business ❤️


The loveliest lady ever, makes me so comfortable every time and has blessed me with the most amazing lips ever🙌🏾 Thank you so much❤️


Alicja is the best in the business by far ... she makes you feel so comfortable and uses the best product ... u will not get a nicer woman... she is to me the best in the business by far I can't recommend her enough 

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